Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions And Application Details

Australian survivor is a reality game show based on the Popular Survivor show format. These survivor format game shows are an international hit and are featured in various countries. The show revolves around some fifteen players who are left in an isolated location to survive on their own and provide themselves with food, water, fire and shelter. At the same time, they are made to participate in certain challenges which grants them rewards and immune them from elimination. Yet consequently contestants are eliminated with each moving phase of the game with their fellow participants voting against them and towards the end only one contestant is left eligible for the Sole Australian survivor title and is rewarded with A$500,000.

Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions

The series first aired in Australia on Nine Network, the second edition aired in 2016 on Seven Network but due to low ratings both the series featured for one season only. The Australian Survivor made a comeback in August, 2016 with Ten Network and is still being aired on the same.

Australian Survivor generally follows the same format and rules as the American version. The players are split into two or three “tribes”, and with continued elimination taking place only a few players left in the end are merged into a single tribe and play individually. Once only two people remain, the “Final Tribal Council” is held where the aspiring players present their case to convince the jury of why they deserve to win. The jury then votes for which finalist should be awarded the title of “Sole Australian Survivor”

The 2016 Australian Survivor edition was the first to feature non-celebrity contestants and was hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia. The season was filmed in Samoa. In total, 250 Australians and at least 180 Samoan locals are working on the program let us see now who wins the coveted title

Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions Requirements:

Below are the requirement to apply for Survivor Australia season 2:

  • Age must be 18 years of age or over by January 1, 2017
  • Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Knows Swimming
  • Available for a period of 10 weeks for the shoot. Dates TBC

Survivor Australia 2017 Auditions:

The last date of applying is 10 Feb, 2017 at MIDNIGHT AEDT.

Follow the below steps to apply:

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